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75th, Diamond Anniversary of the BC12-D

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    Originally posted by Hank Jarrett View Post
    Having all the control cables possible too. Seems to be a lot of people have trouble picturing the trim system and how to rig the ailerons.
    The trim system on the Model A is pretty simple.


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      It would be great, but pretty hard to get uncovered examples of all the differences between models. The one I would be bringing is supposed to be one of the two post war prototype BC12-D Deluxe planes. Not representative of the pre war plane OR the post war production ones. My impression from the rebuild is that there were a LOT of details that Taylorcraft realized were NOT a good idea for production.


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        Any updates as to whether this is going forward or not?

        Thanks all!


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          We have a truck that looks like it will be available. I may be able to also bring one un-restored wing that was damaged when the plane was flipped over. I still want to do it but it is too early to tell. I just think it would be great to roll a fuselage under restoration out of a trailer so people could see what it looks like under the fabric. As a plus, we could camp in the trailer right next to the plane on the line! I would also bring a collection of parts I have that show the evolution of Taylorcraft parts like the different doors, control wheels, aileron hinges, knobs and other parts. There are even several different kinds of wing ribs and tip bows. Seeing a post and pre war fin and rudder next to each other is kind of interesting. There are also several different kinds of trim tabs.



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            Hey Mark, how's it going?

            Spoke to Jim Zannger the other day and he pretty much convinced me that I should bring Traci T-Craft up to Oshkosh this summer.

            Would be nice if we could get regional groups to fly up together. Anybody coming from Florida? We could start a Florida group from our airpark, FL10, Flying Little River, in Mc Alpin.

            A lot of us Floridians are "Snow Birds" and not normally here in the summer, but I'll make an exception, and come down and get Traci. There must be some others who would like to go from Florida..................

            "Captain Jon" Timlin
            '46 BC12-D N94952 Traci T-Craft
            '46 BC12-D N96301 Tami T-Craft (undergoing restoration)
            '51 Model 19 N6629N Terri T-Craft (undergoing restoration)