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L2 fuselage drawings

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  • L2 fuselage drawings

    Just purchased an L2 basket case .. lots of parts. Lol
    The fuselage is not in tact and I will need to rebuild it.. but can't find the drawings for the fuselage.

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    i have a copy of the drawings in pdf
    let me know how i can get them to you


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      Just sent you a PM.


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        Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              A set of 4 CD's with drawings and manuals used to be available through the Foundation. That source dried up so I've put the CD's on my public OneDrive. There are 4 .zip files named "L-2 Drawings D1/2/3/" The manuals are in the T-Craft folder on CD 4. To download go to:!AqEtifxLBiEUuQFV...U-O86?e=9pU7zu
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              Greg Young
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              RV-6 N6GY - 99.1% done
              1940 Rearwin Cloudster project next
              4 L-2 projects on deck
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                I have those drawings and there is no layout for the fuselage.. unless I missed something.

                What drawing number is the fuselage layout?
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                  PS, i saw your pics of the project.. Very nice work!


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                    I'm not an L2 owner (B model for me) but I love your first photo above because I see you've got a Bridgeport. I used to work for them here in Leicester (UK) between 1988 and 1991 where we produced many tens of thousands before moving on to CNC milling machines (I achieved my Apprenticeship there).

                    I don't recognise your model...looks like it has a tilting head? I only ever worked on the traditional ones, but learned the craft of hand-scraping the beds on those. I cut my engineering teeth at Bridgeport and learned everything about mechanical engineering.

                    Adding after-market digital read out (DRO) for the X and Y axes was the best thing for those milling machines. The best mechanical attachment is a dividing head.

                    The same year I left them, I bought my first Taylorcraft (I still have it) and had to learn a whole new level of engineering, trades, skills, rules & regulations.

                    Good luck with your L2 project!