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Slick magneto conversion kit

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  • Slick magneto conversion kit

    one of my original Eisemann mags just gave up. Thinking to replace with slicks. Has anyone had experience with the shortbarrel spark plugs that allow installing without cut outs in top cowl?
    any thoughts on slick vs cont-Bendix conversion?

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    Tons of info on this forum. Try the search box in the upper right-hand corner. I, and many others, have posted what we have used to not have cowl bumps. I use Ercoupe cups with M-41E plugs on top and resister plugs on the bottom. Welcome, by the way!

    I also have Slicks and they have worked great for me.

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      I have slicks and REM37by plugs, they are about 1/2" shorter than a REM40E plug on the top. I have had the problem with the points and I need to inspect the rotor now. No AD's and they come with gears, bendix you will need to find gears for the impulse couplings.
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        If you switch to Slicks DO NOT TRADE IN YOUR EISEMANNS!!!!!! They are really loved by the antique guys and Slick takes them in trade and DESTROYS THEM!!! If you need a core to trade in let me know. I have boxes of bad parts for Eisemann mags and can build up a junk one from nothing but bad parts. Let them grind up junk parts, not good ones.

        PLEASE don't give them your Eisemann core.