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  • Desser 850 Smooth Tundra vs 600

    850's came in the other day. Here they are next to a 600

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  • low and 'sorta' slow - video

    A friend of mine is a former Air Force and current Southwest Airlines pilot. He hasn't flown in a small GA airplane since the mid-90's. I offered him a flight in my '46 BC12-D and he jumped at the opportunity. Here's some video of our flight. I gave him the wheel for a bit and for a jet jock he d...
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  • skip
    started a topic 41 Deluxe Ferry Flight

    41 Deluxe Ferry Flight

    I just completed a week-long ferry flight of a very nice '41BC12-65 deluxe to her new owner. So counting mine, we now have two on the field.
    I hope that the new owner, Peterroy on the forum, will chime in about his new plane. I'm sure that he will have loads of questions for the tribe.
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  • skip
    started a topic Martin Wire Revisited

    Martin Wire Revisited

    The fabric is on the wings, the Ailerons are stitched, and I am ready to put in the Martin wire clips.

    Having read all the posts from the last several years about differences in Martin Wire, I figured that I should see what wire is currently available and what the current situation is...
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  • Bravo 6
    started a topic N96043 1946 bc12-d

    N96043 1946 bc12-d

    Acquired this beauty from a good friend that I helped with his restoration of her back in the mid '90's. He always promised me first shot at her when he decided to let her go. I took possession back in October of 2008. Lots of little projects to get her in tip top shape. Brought her home to Texas last...
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  • Mark Julicher
    started a topic Flying S. Texas

    Flying S. Texas

    On 24th July Doc and I set out to circumnavigate South Texas. Route of flight was from Bulverde, Texas to Eagle Pass, Zapata, Port Isabell, Port Aransas, and return. Total distance was about 700 nm.

    Here are some things we saw along the way.

    Uvalde, Texas was out first...
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  • mulwyk
    started a topic sliding window

    sliding window

    Here's some pictures of my sliding windowconversion. After many elaborate plans, curved tracks, latches, seals and much input from forum folks (Thanks Joel), in the end I decided to keep it simple. I cut a big hole in the original one piece window, added some felt strips, and fitted a movable w...
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  • mulwyk
    started a topic Glove box

    Glove box

    I'm back from summer break (sailing, painting, local politics!) and find the first item on my T-Craft to do list is glove boxes and glove box doors. For some reason, my project BC12-D is missing both glove box boxes and glove box doors. My intention is to make both from scratch. My objective w...
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  • Frank DeBartolo
    started a topic Sliding window

    Sliding window

    Does anyone know how to go about making a sliding window for my BC12-D? It gets awful hot in there during warm weather. It would be nice to be able to open the window much like the Champ, Cub, or PA 16 or PA 20. I have seen pictures of T-Crafts that have sliding windows. Frank DeBartolo N43684 BC12-...
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