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    Originally posted by samyguy View Post
    I'm going with Tailwind Inspection $325.00 Bring them in Tuesday before noon, have them back by 4:00.
    So you could have almost bought a sealed strut for what you are paying to get the inspection, a few more inspections and you would have had a full set and no more AD...
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      Went to Tailwind Inspection on Thursday in and out in less than an hour.
      Really nice people.

      Getting your strut inspected and sealeed will run about $2500.00 or more.
      Lets see, $325 - $2500 that's about 35 years or more, I won't be Breathing then so I won't care!


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        Originally posted by samyguy View Post
        Getting your strut inspected and sealeed will run about $2500.00 or more
        Not sure where you're getting that number from. I seem to recall paying under $1200 (plus a couple of hundred for shipping ) for inspection and sealing by Wag Aero although it was a couple of years ago.

        There is also costs associated with removing, preparing, transporting and reinstalling the struts. For many these are real $$ costs not just sweat equity.

        Also need to consider:
        • That the unsealed struts may still corrode, so might be scrap in 4 years.
        • Also the hassle factor, and
        • last but definitely not least the value of your aircraft, which is reduced by not dealing with the AD through a terminating action i.e. sealing or upgrading the struts. In terms of Dollars I expect it would be worth at least $1000 to a prospective buyer.

        Seems like sealing the struts might pay for itself in one cycle. Perhaps two if you buy new.

        Your choice of course but I think we should present the cost analysis in full.
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          Sealing a good strut at Wag Aero Fabricators is $250 for the front strut $300 for the rear.
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            I like reducing the value of an airplane that has AD'd struts by $3,000.00 when I do a prebuy, because if the owner cheapened out on struts what else was cheapened out on?
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              I did the Piper lift strut and fork end AD for years on three planes. PIA. Always something with removal, inspection, parts, installation. It took all my discretionary money to terminate that issue every time. I did the same on my Taylorcraft and poof! There went $2K plus from savings. I'd not buy a plane with AD's like that again unless it was part of a deal that reflected a discounted price.

              If the struts are oiled and the adjuster threads sealed with Par-Al-Ketone or similar like coax seal tape how much can they leak? I routinely weather seal coax cable fittings for years outdoors and when opened look like new......

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                Here is the way I look at it. I don't have many options when it comes to someone knowing how to fit the struts, as well as paint them, etc. Not all of us are A&P/IA's and I have to rely on people that aren't always available or don't have rag & tube knowledge. My plane is very well-kept. It is just easier and cheaper to do this every four years, at least at this point. When I reach the point where I want to go through the hassle of trying to get the right struts, (hope they don't get destroyed in shipping), fitting, painting etc., then I will. I'm less than 100 miles from the shop I take them to so not really a bit hassle. Your mileage obviously varies. If you lived nearby then we would definitely be doing them because you know what you are doing, I don't have that luxury.

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                  From my experience, you will have less chance of damaging the airplane by installing the good struts once than pulling them every 4 years. You also need to be a minimum of an A&P to remove and install the struts anyways. I can hop in the car and come over anytime...just need a place to stay and cover gas for the travel. I can also recommend that if you are going to Oshkosh, drop the struts at Wag, they are only a short drive from the show and if you arrange it right, you can pick them up on your way home.
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