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  • Strut inspection

    Yes strut inspection, where can I get X-ray or ultrasound done?
    In Nebr/Iowa/Mo. area?

    thanks guys

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    wag aero can inspect and seal them and you'll never have to do it again, as it is a terminating action to the AD
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      Does anyone know what Wag does to the struts to seal them? Can the mod be done by others?


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        I was in Denver last week and visited Univair for a tour. The man (Jason Huber) talked to me about the whole wing strut affair and how they now do a complete new manufacture of struts and keep some on hand. I didn't ask about the process though. He was quite knowledgeable about the controversy. However I found the tour very interesting. Their Taylorcraft section is not that large in comparison to Piper and Cessna but there are some parts and in decent numbers. For whatever its worth.
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          I have a stack of struts with good end fittings that could be made into new (sealed) struts if it can be approved. I did a lot of fixture design as an aircraft depot level repair engineer and making one to hold the end pieces in place while welding in a whole new piece of streamlined tube would be a snap (once you have a front and rear strut fixture). Seems like it should be some level of "repair".


          That is why I am always telling all to NEVER throw away a failed strut! Even if you cut the ends off and toss the rusted tube.


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            You can do the inspection and sealing if you have your process approved by the FAA as a terminating action to the AD. I assume this means your shop needs to be approved/authorized for that type of work.

            I drilled holes in the the end plates on mine (at the direction of Wag) and did a camera visual inspection of the inside to ensure there was no rust. Then sent them to Wag for the work. I assume they fill them with Nitrogen or other inert gas and weld them shut.
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              So, no body knows of anybody do the X-ray/ultrasound inspection?
              Any where??


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                Many years ago I had my original struts inspected in St. Louis at Quality Testing.


                Hope this helps.

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                  Originally posted by M Jones View Post
                  Many years ago I had my original struts inspected in St. Louis at Quality Testing.


                  Hope this helps.
                  These folks look to be great at testing but I suspect their website has some issue because I get a message from Norton when I go to their site too see what they do.


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                    I have mine done in St. Louis by this company.

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                      thanks guys anybody on the west side of MO.


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                        How close are you to Tulsa? Previous owner used this place.

                        Tailwind Inspection, Inc.
                        3260 N. Sheridan Rd.
                        Tulsa, OK. 74115

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                          I had my struts tested there the first year the requirement for testing came about , drove all the way down from East Central Iowa stayed around till they were done then returned home the same day. They were prompt about getting them done and as I recall the total cost was around $100 . The same front struts I took to Wag Aero the next time they were due, drove again, to have them sealed. As I recall it took a couple of weeks and when the time came to get them I told them to ship them to me, and I told them to make sure they had a carrier with insurance, when they arrived the delivery driver came to my door with them and I said I wanted to inspect them, as I noticed the carton had some crushing on one end. Wound up that the end had been rolled over by a fork truck, and one had been crushed the driver told me don't worry we are a big company we will fix you up. It was a long ordeal and after contacting the carriers office and filing a damage report , they never did anything,I also called Wag Aero and they said they had to contact the carrier, but still nothing so after talking with Wag Areo they agreed they would replace the damaged strut, but it would be one they would recondition with there stock that would match my old one, that too took weeks of phone calls and frustrations and when it was done I finally drove all the way there to pick it up. Moral of this story there are a lot of trucking companies that do shady business practice and don't trust any of them unless you thoroughly check them out, UPS could not carry this package because of its length.


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                            thanks I'll call Tailwind Inspection

                            And I'll let you know how it goes, good or bad , and how much


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                              I'm going with Tailwind Inspection $325.00 Bring them in Tuesday before noon, have them back by 4:00.