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Wanted - BC12-D Fuselage, Wings, Gear & Tail Feathers

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  • Wanted - BC12-D Fuselage, Wings, Gear & Tail Feathers

    I need a lot of parts for a possible '46 BC12-D project. As soon as possible, of course.

    Fuselage or repairable fuselage
    Wings or repairable wings (I can remake the wing and aileron spars if the ribs are good)
    Lift struts, jury struts
    Horizontal and Vertical stab, elevator and rudder
    Landing gear

    That's about it.

    The "why" I am seeking all of these parts is a quite painful story that does not include flight (attempted or otherwise) or injuries to people.

    Essentially, I am looking to see if there are enough parts available to rebuild a BC12-D around an engine, prop, yokes, main gas tank, instrument panel, logbooks and data plate.

    Suggestions, leads, offers are all welcome. Please be kind. Full story at another time and a different thread.


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    where are you located?


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      Looks like Denver. I can picture what happened. Sounds like a plane with some history (personal or otherwise). I have stacks of ailerons and tail surfaces but am all the way in the mid Atlantic coast. Also have some wings that have lots of parts but I wouldn't trust the spars. If you can find parts closer you will find GETTING them to you is a major part of the expense. Closer saves lots of money, even when the parts are free.



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        Yes, I am in Denver.

        I suppose that would be helpful to know. Have to go back and check my profile and signature lines.

        Shipping is, of course, going to be a problem if we go forward, but I have driven cross country with a load or two in the (thankfully distant) past and could do it again. I have a lot of juggling of moving parts to do before we commit to anything, but the first thing is to see if it is even possible.

        Yes, Hank, there is a very personal history with the airplane. And yes, it was a wind event, uprooted the hangar where the airplane was housed and threw it off the airport property.
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          I could load you up with a bunch of stuff if you want to drive to okc


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            The parts and support are here. Only thing is if it is worth the work. Some of us are just a bit crazy (looking in the mirror) and have committed to decades long restorations because of a love of a particular airframe with personal or historic meaning. It has NOTHING to do with the economic value of the wreckage. Many have none. It is a heart thing. That is the way I ended up working on my 45 since he 70s. She WILL fly again. If you have the heart, so will yours.



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              I have a fuselage and tail feathers in Ogden, I will make a fair deal on...also I have new sealed lift struts, tail feathers are covered through silver with stitts.
              '41 BC12-65


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                I have 2 BC12-D aircraft that needs complete rebuild - not wrecks. Log books, etc, etc. Fresno, CA area and a long ways to haul. email only way to communicate as I am 84 and extremely hard of hearing.


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                  I also have piles of parts in NC, uship has been kind to me over the years depending on the two locations at the end.