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Wanted BC12 magneto switch - A7?

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  • Wanted BC12 magneto switch - A7?


    Looking for a reasonably priced mag switch for a BC12 willing to post to UK

    I think the original may have been an A7?

    BR Ian

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    They're like the proverbial hen's teeth, Ian. The last NOS one I sold went for over 350. I have one in my Taylorcraft, and I have to overhaul it every 7-10 years (they fail non-safe). They are desirable because of their originality, and I believe were made my Briggs & Stratton, which may aid your search.

    If you do find one in the USA, I can help with shipping, but not until May 2020.

    I do have an A-9 (with a very old 1944 yellow tag) but it's one with the battery switch position, so not appropriate for your Taylorcraft.

    Rob (Leicester)


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      If you come across a bad one it is still worth getting. I had one that I couldn't repair (corrosion and some internal damage) but he face plate and lever were still in cosmetic good shape. I refinished the face plate and mounted a regular Grimes Mag switch behind it. We then put the key into the Grimes switch and glued the lever over the key. When the key is in the switch it looks just like a stock Taylorcraft panel. When you pull the lever out there is just a key slot in the middle of the hole where the lever would have been. I WOULD NOT do this to an A-7 that could be repaired but it gives you just a bit more room to make a panel that at least looks original and the Grimes is MUCH more reliable! What I need to do is make some replica face plates and levers! The 3 position Grimes mag switches did have an AD on them that they had to be tested regularly to be sure they were grounding the mags properly, but we do that every time we shut down with the original carbs since they don't shut down at full lean.



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        I have one, probably the nicest one I have ever had as far as detent feel, face is nice as well. I may be persuaded to let it go, but won't be cheap.