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N6627n 1950 bc12d

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  • N6627n 1950 bc12d

    Hello all, Iím glad to have been able to join the group. Iím a 55 yr old pilot in training. Iíve been blessed to have been flying in small aircraft most of my life however this time I plan on being the pilot in command

    After searching for a reliable affordable airplane I discovered the charm and wonderful design of the Tcraft. I couldnít be happier.

    Itís taken a little work to get the Tcraft flight worthy and annualed. Now she truly flies like a bird

    I look forward to visiting with members and hearing of their experiences.


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    Re: N6627n 1950 bc12d

    Larry, welcome to the group, great to have you aboard. Keep us posted on your progress to getting your ticket.
    1945 BC12-D
    N39911, #6564


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      Re: N6627n 1950 bc12d

      Good to see people flying Taylorcrafts , Thanks for posting


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        Interestingly, I just bought a project plane, N6629N, a 1951 Model 19. Our two must have come out of the factory just at the end/beginning of the years '50/'51........... Does yours have any of the model 19 features like the chrome overlay on the instrument panel or the large baggage compartment and rear windows?

        How are you doing with your flying?

        "Captain Jon" Timlin
        '46 BC12-D N94952 Traci T-Craft
        '46 BC12-D N96301 Tami T-Craft (undergoing restoration)
        '51 Model 19 N6629N Terri T-Craft (undergoing restoration)


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          Hey Larry / Guys,

          I just acquired N6626N. It's a project aircraft and it's registered as a TAYLORCRAFT BC12D-4-85. Ours were definitely sitting side by side on the assembly line in 1950! It has the large rear window and the big baggage area. I'm new to the group and I just dove into a full restoration. Really looking forward to getting it flying!


          Click image for larger version

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            Welcome, Larry. Look forward to reading about your adventures.


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              It looks like CaptainJon and Stan have two aircraft just three "N" numbers apart from each other!

              Welcome, Stan. You will find a wealth of information and knowledge here. If you have questions, just ask away & we'll do our best to help.


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                Welcome Stan! Does anyone know what serial they went from BC12D-4-85 to the model 19? This one has to be close!
                I'm so far behind, I think I'm ahead


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                  Hi Taylorcrafter ... I would love to know the same thing. Since you mentioned it, my serial number is 4-13026.

                  .... Thank you guys for the kind words. You can bet I'll have some questions!