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  • Wingtip strobes

    Found a wingtip strobe bulb in a box of Terri T-Craft's stuff, so I went looking into the logs for any history. There was an entry in 1973 for an installation of a set of Whelen strobes, including referencing a 337 (which I found later on my CD of FAA airworthiness records).

    Does that mean she has the FAA's blessing for wingtip strobes, assuming I can duplicate the installation or follow Whelen's installation directions? And does that cover only the HD2T model as installed back then or can they be updated with current models? How about the new (outrageously priced) LED models? Doesn't look like they would fit our "standard" wingtip plates though.........

    So, bottom line, how long is a logbook entry or 337 good for?..... the life of the of the owner.......... forever?

    I am strongly a proponent of "visibility" in the skies, especially at the lower altitudes that we commonly fly, and strobes do get people's attention. Anybody have any experience with those new LED's? Are they really attention getting like a double flash zenon flash tube of yesteryear?

    We can talk about ADS-B some other time..............

    "Captain Jon" Timlin
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    It is good for the life of the plane. Also you may be able to substitute new LED position light/strobe as a replacement for the old units with a logbook entry.


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      The new pulsing LED's are more visible for me in daylight than a strobe. The ON-OFF-ON sequence might be longer and the instant-on of LED's sure gets my attention. At night I'm not sure which is better.

      N36007 1941 BF12-65 STC'd as BC12D-4-85


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        If you do not need ads-b, do not install it.
        '41 BC12-65