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    I am a student pilot that has an opportunity to pick up a nice BC-12D at at great price. My question is this, the aircraft had an Annual recently and has no hours since. Because of this, I'm wondering if I still should pay to have a pre-purchase inspection or if it would just be a waste of $400. Any advice or suggestions?

    Thanks everyone,

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    Hello Mike, and Welcome!

    Yes, pay for a pre-buy. It's like insurance; the pre-buy inspection may pick up on something that could cost you a lot more that $400 further down the line.

    Please let us know how you get on! It's a wonderful aircraft as you know, but then you wouldn't be here unless you knew that already!



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      Thanks Rob! I will move ahead with the pre-purchase inspection.


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        Where are you located? Try to get someone local, who knows about Taylorcraft if you can. (someone other than who did the annual!)


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          Actually my CFI is training me on his BC-12D and he's a A&P so I thought I'd see if he wanted to do some cross-country training!


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            Get someone who knows the airframe, there are not a lot of A&Ps I trust to work on tube and fabric aircraft anymore. One idiot suggested to a forum member to cut the cowling to install an oil servicing door just like the cessna he worked on...I see that your CFI is also an owner, is he a forum member? if not, ask him to join...and welcome to the forum. Tim
            '41 BC12-65


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              Welcome Mike!

              Yes, absolutely get a pre-buy from someone who knows Taylorcrafts. As you may know, or may not know as a student pilot, not all annuals are the same. The first time you bring your plane to a new IA he most likely will do a very thorough inspection and may uncover costly things that were not obvious before purchase. In later years, knowing the airplane, he will inspect accordingly, taking into account how much you have flown it in the past year and how well you maintain it. An annual done just prior to putting the plane on the market may not be as thorough as one might like, but you have no way of knowing that.

              After you have your independent "T-Craft savy" mechanic do a good pre-buy, bring the results here and we all will be happy to explain to you what implications his findings have to the overall condition of your plane and the future thickness of your wallet.

              The great news though, is that you have discovered one of the best kept secrets in aviation! The T-Craft is under-loved and priced accordingly, typically half the price of those yellow birds. And, it is simple, making it easy to maintain and a joy to fly at whatever your skill level. Buy it now and you may never sell it, as is the case with many of us. Just ask how many of us have more than one T-Craft, and how long they have owned them......

              Great to have you here!

              "Captain Jon" Timlin
              '46 BC12-D N94952 Traci T-Craft
              '46 BC12-D N96301 Tami T-Craft (undergoing restoration)
              '51 Model 19 N6629N Terri T-Craft (undergoing restoration)