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    Does anyone happen to have a picture or diagram of how the brake cables run from the pedals to the wheel? My Taylorcraft has mechanical Shinn brakes on both the pilot and co-pilot side. On the pilot side the left brake pedal suddenly has a lot of slack and pedal just flops around. I've pulled the cable and it doesn't come out, so doubt it's broken. Using a light and mirror, it appear it might be off a pulley where it does a 90 degree turn to head down the gear leg (inside the fabric). The interesting thing is the left pedal on the co-pilot side works pretty well and stops the plane. So there must be two cables that attach somehow to the one cable that goes from the brake to the cabin? Thanks for your expertise.

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    Re: Brake Cables

    Normally the cables for the left side brake are the master, and the right side just clamps to them. There are versions with both pulleys and tubes. Regardless you will need to remove the floorboard to gain access, and the problem should be quite evident.


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      Re: Brake Cables

      my Tcraft is just down the street from you at Gillette's. If you can't figure it out before the weekend, message me back and I will hook up with you and we can take a look at mine if you like, or I can help look at yours.
      Jeff LaChausse


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        I just ran across this photo if it is of use to someone. I know this is an older post but thought I would post it, anyway.
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          Great photo. That was how I was setting mine up. Looks like I was on the right track. Now got to figure out how to get that bit of clearance so the cables don't rub and get the darn things rigged.



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            That photo is very helpful. I bought a wrecked F19 that had dual brakes and cut the pedal assembly out of it and have welded into my BC12D fuselage with the help of Ian Harvie of Australia when he stayed with us for a couple of weeks on his way to Oshkosh. The F19 cables were rigged a little different, I have a photo someplace, but it appears in this photo that it is an add on with the pedal assembly recently welded in and not primed in the weld areas. I will try to find my photo of the F19 rigging and post.
            Larry Wheelock


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              Some of you may know Ian. He is a fellow Stinson owner and he and his son have restored and fly an Auster., He is a very good cutter and fitter and welder. We cleaned the welds and primed with epoxy primer right after welding.


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                Now I will attempt to post the photo of the right side brake cables before I removed them from my F19 parts plane., The fuselage structure seems identical to the BC 12D in this area., We subsecquently cut the brake pedal assembly from the F19 and have it welded into the BC12D. I have not attempted to install and rig the cables yet as the landing gear is not in place. I could not figure out how to post this as a smaller photo. If you scan over to the right side you can see that the pulleys on this installation were clamped to the tube which indicates that this installation was made after the fuselage was produced at the factory., Mr. Baker of Effingham told me once that the factory at one time offered right brake setups as a kit for installation later instllation,.
                Larry Wheelock

                Click image for larger version

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