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75th Anniversary Attendees Parking Reservation List

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  • 75th Anniversary Attendees Parking Reservation List

    For the reservation commitments add yourself to this thread or PM me, Eventually I will get you my mobile number (and possibly Jim or anyone that wants to help) so we can be boots on the ground assistants help work with the EAA in case you need to get to our group area if something goes off the rails.

    I’ll maintain the official list off the forum with regular updates to the EAA up to show time. I’ll start and maintain a mirror informal list in this thread. Especially to coordinate tie down spot swap outs mid-week. I suggest you work this on your own, then let me know so I can get the info to the EAA when needed. Kick off attendees as follows and I'll add the above folks too.

    2020 attendees for group parking: add your (name, model, arrival day)
    1. Mark Bowden, ’45 BC12-D, Friday
    2. Jim Zangger, 1946 BC12-D, Friday
    3. Mike Jones, 1940 BC12, Friday
    4. Rob Lees, 1946 BC12-D, Friday (tentative)
    1945 BC12-D
    N39911, #6564

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    The Baker's, 1941 BC12-65, the first Sunday, and possibly a 1946 BC12-D.