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Looking for a solid (light) BC-12 - eventually

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  • Looking for a solid (light) BC-12 - eventually

    So some of y'all may know I've previously owned two BC-12s. Right now I have a 1950 Pacer project plane, but after some serious thought have put it up for sale and am looking for the right BC-12 to try one more time with the tailwheel business. Not looking for a cherry that I'd feel bad about if it got damaged by a student (it happens) but something serviceable with engine life left (at least 400 hours left before TBO) and more than 2 years before recover. The last bird I had I picked up for around 7 and put about that much into getting it airworthy, although I think it could've been done cheaper if the mechanic hadn't taken me for a bit of a ride...
    Ryan Short, CFI, Aerial Photographer
    Former Taylorcraft BC-12D owner - hopefully future owner as well.
    KRBD and KGPM - Dallas, TX

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    Intrested in the Pacer?


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      Iknow of one that is basic and had a new wood prop, new slicks and overhauled stromberg, pm me if interested.
      '41 BC12-65