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Open Cowl: Cooling "Eyebrows" and Boeing Fasteners.

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  • Open Cowl: Cooling "Eyebrows" and Boeing Fasteners.


    Trying to restore my 1941 BC-65 and put her back with an open cowling like she came. As title states, I have about five good Boeing fasteners but need six or seven more. I am going to try and fabricate some if nobody has any, but it's easier to ask.... Also looking for plans, or a set I can repair or use as a template, of the cooling eyebrows for a Taylorcraft. All I can find are J-3 parts.

    P.S. Longshot, but also looking for a useable A65 exhaust with heat shroud before I drop $1500 on the Luscombe conversion.


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    I recently finished an engine swap and have an A65 exhaust that is in great condition. It has about 100 hrs on it since new (from Univair) and comes with the heat shrouds. I can send you pictures if you are interested.


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      I think I just sent you a PM with my contact info. I'd love a few pictures.


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        Welcome, Chris! (I can't help you with your Boeing fasteners etc, but it's great to see another Taylorcraft being restored!)



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          For the Boeing fasteners you might check RARE Aircraft. The early Stinsons used Boeing fasteners, and RARE has restored quite a few. I was looking at one during Oshkosh last year, and it looked like it had new fasteners installed. The flat plate mushrooms would be easy to reproduce, the pins are not problem, and the springs shouldn't be bad either. The problem is the 2 special washers, and the backing plate that rivets to the cowling. If they are producing them I would expect them to be pricey.


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            I had a guy come look at my Rearwin project to possibly help with its cowling repair. Touring my toy box we stopped at one of my L-2's and I asked him about a source for Boeing fasteners. Turns out he makes them, or at least one style - the oval plate. He made dies and stamps them from 304 SS. He said there is also a diamond style like my L-2 and, I think, a rectangle but he says the keys are all the same. His name is Andy Lasswell, (281) 687-3121 at KDWH. He doesn't have a current price since he hasn't sourced the spring or pin in a while but probably $35-40 per set. He does impeccable work.
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              Thanks for the info Greg. I got a hold of him and I think he can help me out. I was able to get a set of L-2 eyebrows, so that is good. Exhaust is TBD...thinking I am going to proceed with a split exhaust.