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    Thanks everyone for the info! Ray that is pretty cool that you have the one before mine! Also are those aluminum tanks in your wing? Greg thanks for the link that will definitely be helpful. As far as history for this aircraft, it was bought directly from the factory in spring of 1942 by franklin air services in Toledo OH, then the government bought it for flight training, I have wood wings as well and this aircraft has always been registered as a DC-65. Judging by the paint on the inside of the cowling it appears the aircraft was a high gloss blue, which some of my research has shown to be a factory color (?). This is going to be a fun little project for sure, not sure if I want to keep the 65 in it or get a 85 with the STC, part of me wants to keep it as original as possible the other part of me would not mind a bit of extra horsepower (I tip the scales at 235). Has anyone flown both versions and have a comparison?



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      The high gloss blue was called "Metallic Blue" before the war. It was NOT like the Metallic blue of much later! In the 50s and 60 they added metal flakes which were NOT used before or during the war. The color was used by Cessna after the war and I think is still available as a Cessna blue color.