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AC90-114B UPDATE to ads-b

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    I may be repeating myself but I went with the TQ KTX2 transponder and a UAvionix Skybeacon ADS-b out.

    TQ transponder because it was a three wire installation (power, ground, antenna) and mounts in a 2-1/4" instrument panel hole.

    Skybeacon was a two wire installation (power and ground) and mounts in a nav light fixture, also you set it up with an I pad or I phone and no wiring to the transponder.

    Combined I think they draw .5 amp or less. Cost was about $3350.

    Dave R


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      Dave.... That setup is also on my list but with the tailbeacon that is now available. I am leaning Trig because of the separate control head which would work well in my biplane project. Cost should be comparable.

      Mike Wood
      Montgomery, TX
      '46 BC12D
      N44085 #9885


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        I am not impressed with the Uavionix and I am a certified installer. I will just go with that statement and leave it.
        '41 BC12-65


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          My Skybeacon seems ok. I check the papr report occasionally to see if it is working and it is.

          I did have an early fail in the altitude sensor and they replaced the unit ASAP.

          My hangar mate has one also. He pointed out that if you set it up according to what Uavionix has published on their website you get better results than calling tech support.