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    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking at acquiring an F-22A project, but I am a little hesitant to dive in without much knowledge of that particular model. I have helped with a BC-12D restoration, and there seems to be loads of information about those, but I know the F-22A is a different cat with the flaps, nose gear, and larger tanks. Does anyone know a good source for technical info on the F-22A? I have been unsuccessful so far at finding any good information. Not too surprising since they only made a small number of them. Any help would be appreciated!

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    When and if you get good info on the F series please open a thread on it. I don't have a later model but am interested in them and how they differ. Always want to know more about Taylorcrafts and am terribly ignorant about the planes from the Ferris era.



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      Hello LycomingO360, and welcome! Most of us here use first names.

      There used to be an F22 (tailwheel) at my airfield in the UK. I got a few hours in it, and to be brief, it was not very good. (The F22A was designed as a contender for the C152...Cessna had a lot more money for marketing and design!)

      It was flown across the Atlantic with the nosewheel F22A, the type to which you refer, and that is still around here, as I believe. To be honest, don't bother. Get an F19 or a BC12-D, and learn to master the tailwheel!



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        If this F-22A project has the wings uncovered I would love to see a picture of the wing tanks and how they are installed into the wing.


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          The wing tanks were always an issue