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Hank Jarrett
Hank Jarrett
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    Thank you for your offer re the engineering. That will be an option if I need to go in that direction. My Swift is based in KOKV and I may head your way for discussion/ideas. I need to fly it anyway.. she gets lonely if I don't fly her at times..
    Do you have source for a copy of the brake pedal drawings? Or could you sketch/measure yours?
    Take care..

  • Hank Jarrett
    Robert, If you fly down this way we can meet a KSFQ and I will get a set of brake pedals out to check out. I have a set of restored ones for the 45 I am doing you could borrow to make copies and might have a couple you could have (got a LOT of mess to dig through to look for them. Do you like to explore piles of airplane parts?) Honestly thought if I were to make new ones I would make a few small changes, probably that couldn't be noticed by someone who hadn't rebuilt a T. If you were going to MAKE some you could add in a lever on the bottom for the hydraulic cylinders designed to the length to give you the right mechanical advantage. They are simple sand castings from what I can tell but would be easy to machine if you have access to the equipment. One thing to mod FOR SURE is to make the heel pads a tad bigger.

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