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  • Oshkosh 2019

    Good Morning.

    Is anyone flying to Osh 2019 from the Mid East Coast area....Say Maryland / Pennsylvania / Virginia / West VA / North Carolina / Ohio ?

    Is a long trip I would rather have company and as a "just in case".


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    I am trying to get there but have some engine work to do and don't know if I will make it in time. I would be leaving from the far SE corner of Virginia (Sufflolk VA KSFQ). Agree that a gaggle fo like performance planes would sure be nice. I have a 41 with a 65 HP Cont.
    Which airport are you at? Are you inside the 60 restriction around D.C.?

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      Im based at the Warrenton Airport [KHWY] located outside of the DC SFRA .

      Planning to depart on 7/22 at 0600 via direct KVPZ [Valparaiso] = South of Chicago and evaluate the weather before flying over the lake shore east of Chicago and under the Class Charlie = a treat :-)
      Returning mid / late week weather permitting.

      And yes; the more to merrier when it comes to long flights. Let me know if you are going....anyone else going from our neck of the woods ??

      46 Taylorcraft C-85-12F O-200 STC on 850x6


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        I have been playing with flight plans for the trip for a while. Couple of questions. Fuel stops? I have not put my wing tank back in commission (mainly because my bladder tends to fill faster than the main tank goes empty) and second, why fly to the east of Chicago over the lake? Going around the south west adds very little time and I am a bit old to swim in the lake! I had looked at going to LC09 and then KDKB and completely avoiding the whole Class B area.