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75th Anniversary Promotion

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  • 75th Anniversary Promotion

    The EAA/VAA have offered to help promote the anniversary in their various publications.

    I'll work on getting the usual small notices that go with most of the anniversary's in the past in the two print magazines and the online media.

    If anyone wants to create something special they have asked to submit it through our contact and he'll work on it form there. No guarantee of publication but we need to submit things for consideration.

    Again we have completion on anniversaries like always. It is up to us to build our brand.

    A couple thoughts to start ideas include, recognition of past Lindy recipients including our recent Grand Champion, Scott, last year. Also it might be interesting to figure out a way to have some educational poster boards in our group parking area that tell visitors about the aircraft and the history. Not sure how to pull that off though. I know from past walk through of anniversary groups I wanted to see something about them but there never is unless it is a personal judging book.
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