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75th Anniversary Special Group Activity Ideas.

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  • 75th Anniversary Special Group Activity Ideas.

    The EAA has offered to help support our group with some special activities if we would like.
    Please make idea suggestions in this thread.

    Some things I have discussed with them so far include:
    • Special group judging.
    • After hours museum tour, I have asked for this but it may be difficult to do because of the demands on the staff during show week.
    • Offsite dinner. The EAA will organize tour buses to pick up/drop off in show grounds for the group. We have to pay for it but they will set it up
    • Speaker. Forum tents or special?
    Note they do want to have a Taylorcraft in the "Affordable Aircraft" display again this year. Jim is working on a possible volunteer but might need some help here.

    Let's discuss ideas here, of course we can do stuff on our own.

    Note, the night airshow is Wednesday I believe. If anything like last year we don't want to miss it.
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