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75th Anniversary Parking, reserved through advance sign up

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  • 75th Anniversary Parking, reserved through advance sign up

    The EAA will provide us with a dedicated group area based on our sign up attendance commitments.

    Parking/camp location is to be in the Type Club, Vintage Show parking area. Exact location is to be determined in context of other anniversaries and how many we commit to attend on our sign up. The target area is south of the Red Barn and west of Whitman road.

    A better commitment for attendance on our part, likely equals better parking treatment.

    A reserved spot means, a spot in our area, not an exact tie down location. The goal is to get the group together.

    Swap out of parking spots is OK for mid-week departures and arrivals. EAA will help coordinate this. Those first arrivals can give up their spot to later arrivals in the week if you leave early. This will help keep the random aircraft types from infiltrating our ranks. Normal policy is to fill open holes on a first come basis.

    There is parking competition for the anniversary’s this year! There are approximately 100 spots available. Stinson 100 years, Aeronca 75, Pitts, 75. Committing to attend early will help us make the case for a better or preferred area.
    1945 BC12-D
    N39911, #6564

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    Arrival EAA policy for 75th anniversary reservations worked out so far.
    Arrive on Friday & Saturday for reserved spots. Sunday and on spots go to 1st come 1st served.

    They will hold a reserved spot on Sunday if you are delayed due to mechanical or weather. In this case just get in and on the ground and they will help coordinate a move from where you are to your reserved spot on Sunday or Monday.

    Mid, late week departure spots can be exchanged with anniversary arrivals day of departure/arrival. Otherwise they fill the hole due to a departure with first come, first serve.

    Arrivals before Friday are discouraged. No signification effort will be made by the limited early EAA staff to get you to our group area. You will likely have to relocate to our group area on Friday.

    Coordinated mass arrivals are NOT accepted any longer. But we need to be organized to help the parking marshals get us to our reserved parking spots on Friday and Saturday. Periodic small waves is an idea.

    We can start to plan this in the coming months for coordinated arrivals on Friday and Saturday. We can develop flight stage airport routes from the corners of the country if people want to fly together. Then we can select some close stage airport(s) for merging with other arrivals per the NOTAM.
    1945 BC12-D
    N39911, #6564