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Blakesburg Aug 30-Sep 4

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    The model 20s are definitely worth saving. There are many parts that work with both the 20 and the 15As plus any parts that could be used as patterns to keep the few survivors going.
    Ryan Newell
    1946 BC12D NC43754
    1953 15A N23JW


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      I won't ever go back to Blakesburg.for AAA.
      The way they treat visiting pilots is poor. The rather extortionate fees charged (with very poor facilities on site).

      The "museum" with all those aircraft that were donated, now wrecked?

      If they are a charitable status (301?) they should be ashamed.


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        Im sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience at AAA Rob . I can understand how you feel a bit from dealing with the current director of AAA Brent Taylor, His focus seems to be more on getting the money into the AAA ,nothing like his father Robert Taylor who is more interested in promoting the love of Antiques and aviation and founded the AAA, he is still alive and active at 95 but is not directing things. My wife and I met a nice fellow from Britain By the name of David Welch there, we sat and talked with him for about an hour, retired from the airlines in Britain, he had a lot to say about the CAA in Britain and how much Britain has been cow toing to European conformity, didn't much like it, but overall very knowledgeable said not long ago he would be transporting ammunition into a African nation involved in a Civil war and a few weeks later he would be flying medical supplies to fix the broken bodies, Lots of experience , flying all over the world he also said He learned to fly on an Auster, and thought they were a very capable airplane.It was nice meeting Him, you may know him.
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          Rob, I have heard the same thing about the father/son in the past. Though it is relatively close to me, I won't visit because of the actions of the 'owners' I have heard about.

          TF #596
          1946 BC-12D N95258
          Former owner of:
          1946 BC-12D/N95275
          1943 L-2B/N3113S


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            Its not like that at all its a wonderfull place to visit, its full of people from all over the US with so much to see It does not bother me a bit.