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T-craft Tail Surfaces Cheap / Craigslist???

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  • T-craft Tail Surfaces Cheap / Craigslist???

    These look familiar, maybe somebody needs these for a rebuild or to stockpile parts ?

    e-mail link:

    a9478bef480c31f7a3cbf7ed227b4d47@sale.craigslist.o rg
    Taylorcraft : Making Better Aviators for 75 Years... and Counting

    Bill Berle
    N26451 (1940 BL(C)-65) 1988-90
    N47DN (Auster Autocrat) 1992-93
    N96121 (1946 BC-12D-85) 1998-99
    N29544 (1940 BL(C)-85) 2005-08

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    Those sure look lie T parts to me. Unfortunately for a lot of us they are clear out west in Portland OR. If that seems a bit far to ship I have a whole stack of them on the east coast in SE Virginia. They seem to survive even the worst crash or accident. Helps that they seem to always arrive last at the crash site. ;-) If you need some out west, jump on it, if East you can get some from me. Just give a yell.. There doesn't seem to be a bunch of demand for them. They actually aren't worth the cost to ship them, unless of course you really need a set!