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Legal interpretation regarding what is a major alteration

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  • Legal interpretation regarding what is a major alteration

    You may find this useful. It's not exhaustive but it is helpful in certain scenarios.

    Dave R

    rude - (2015) legal interpretation.pdf
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    I felt like I was running in circles chasing my tail reading that...
    '41 BC12-65


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      I agree.

      The background is that I presented a question for every wrong statement that I had heard from FAA folks or other IA's so that each one's wrong position would be addressed.

      So it made it very loopy. They did not publish my entire request so it seems even more loopy if you didn't get to see that.

      But it does make the point about what is required for an alteration listed in the TCDS (or not listed).

      I am getting ready to make another request for clarification regarding part 1 of the FARs and Appendix A in part 43. They can conflict and while I think I know the answer I want it in writing because I have experienced FAA officials from DC mis-quote/mis-use Appendix A.