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BC12D Axles

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  • Hank Jarrett
    Re: BC12D Axles

    Are they damaged in some way? Never heard of changing the axles based on age. I have a 41 and a 45 and have only seen them changed because they are damaged. Maybe he is thinking of some other aircraft type. Good luck finding axles if one IS damaged!


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  • Mcinpa
    started a topic BC12D Axles

    BC12D Axles

    Hi. I have recently purchased a 1941 BC12D-85 and new to this forum so I apologise if this has already been asked.It is currently undergoing its Annual inspection(the first in my ownership). The A&P said we should look into replacing the Axles at some point in the future (not urgent) as they are the original ones. IM sure the A&P will guide us in the right direction but I would like a bit of background knowledge and was wondering what replacement axels are out there on the market today.
    Many Thanks in advance.