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Lycoming O-145 advice needed.

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  • Lycoming O-145 advice needed.

    I was having my Taylorcraft ferried down from MN and it blew a spark plug in Nebraska. I had the pilot pull the head and bring it back to MN. I had it fixed with a Heli-Coil, and mailed it back to the FBO at the airport where the Taylorcraft was stranded. He charged me $1,375 to bolt the head back on. But at least it could finish the trip, or so I thought. I had my pilot go back to Nebraska to finish the ferry flight to Arizona. He had a another engine failure in Kansas, but it was obviously something more serious. This time i had him fly home and I drove from Arizona with a trailer and picked the plane up.

    My mechanic and I remove the engine yesterday. We discovered that the mechanic in Nebraska only put one of the aluminum gaskets back. He also did not tighten the exhaust. One of the rocker arms broke and the exhaust stub cracked almost all the way around. The exhaust stub on the next cylinder, on the same side of the engine, also rubbed really bad. It is not cracked, but it does not look good. Does anyone know where I can get a rocker arm, head gaskets including the copper crush gasket, and can the exhaust stubs be fixed, or do I need two new heads? Any help is appreciated. Finding parts does not appear to be easy.

    Richard Helm

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    J.P. Hackenburg 416 Spruce St, Montoursville, PA 17754 (570) 368-8849 This the type certificate holder and parts supply for the Lycoming 0-145. They should be able to help with gaskets, and maybe parts.

    I might have the heads and rocker arm, but it will be a while before I can get to them. Make sure you get heads with screwed in exhaust nipples.

    You might also check here:


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      Thanks for the reply. I will call J.P. Hackenburg. I checked the link you provided and tried to private mail flylo but it gives me a warning and says he has exceeded his private messages and will not let me proceed. Does anyone have his contact info?

      Also, how do I tell if my exhaust stubs are screwed in? Can I replace them in the cylinders I have? If I can I would only need a rocker arm, gaskets and rubber motor mounts.


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        Going from memory the tube for the exhaust in the cylinder is a thicker wall material when they are threaded. It may have simply been a short pipe nipple threaded into the cylinder. El Reno used to repair the Lycoming heads, and do the threaded exhaust nipples, but they are no longer in business. The original nipples just had a rolled bead inside holding them in place. Also if it is a dual exhaust engine there should be support structure bracing the exhaust to the oil sump. That was done so the nipples didn't have to hold all the weight of the exhaust.

        As for flylo, I would just post in that thread I posted a link to. He may get a notification when you post. You could also post that you are looking for him in the general discussion section.


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          I have a complete engine in Patagonia az that i would sell,
          Taylorcraft Foundation Forum Administrator (Bob Ollerton)