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Engine colour, Franklin 1938 50 hp.

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  • Engine colour, Franklin 1938 50 hp.

    Here is a challenge and a request for help?

    What is the original color scheme for the Franklin engines installed in this T-craft?

    The engine that I am working on has black cylinders, "Silver CAD" plated rocker box covers with red "Franklin" valve cover lettering. Case is a dark grey blue. The top of the Franklin case is steel and is black along with the eye-brow cooing baffles?

    So is that original? I know that you guys out there like a challenge - Forrest are you up for this one?

    Franklin Power
    SN1193, NC22246

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    Re: 1938 BF50 SN1193 Paint Color

    It's hard to see in black and white, but Chet Peek's book on page 65 has a photo of a Franklin that might give a general idea. Looks like at least three colors to me. Could be the light though.
    1939 BL/C


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      Re: 1938 BF50 SN1193 Paint Color

      Tom, I have amended your title (I hope you don't mind) that viewers do not confuse the title with one of airframe colours.

      Rob Lees