My initial was too long here is the rest.

The windshield has been removed, it seems in good condition but time and inspection will tell.

The engine is all disconnected but am waiting for the engine stand to get completed. Would appreciate any inputs on this project.

I have the aircraft stored at present time in a 40' semi trailer which was being used to store hay. I hadn't planned on taking on an airplane restoration so working space management will be a bit of a challenge at times. I also have available a two stall garage which was being set up as a wood shop, and a 24 X 40 storage shed with 2 horse stalls in the back or east end. None of these has any heat and I've yet to get doors on the trailer.

I have been a bit of worrier over how to go about this whole thing and in what order etc. When I knew I was going to pursue this seriously I joined this forum and the EAA. What do you start work on first?

I have decided to simply begin by dismantling, cleaning, tagging and storing things away correctly. In this pursuit everything will be inspected and I think direction will be formed through that. I hope to begin work in earnest in the next 6 months to a year. But some major house repair is competing for the prime time position and will have to be dealt with first. So the project is a part time endeavor for the time being. Clark