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N36468 - Butterfly Fun Lines

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  • N36468 - Butterfly Fun Lines

    N36468 October 18, 1941 Serial #3290

    Attached you will find photos of the Middleton family, they are the ones who restored it many years ago. Cy has flown west many years ago, that is him during the install of the engine. Dorothy is the one who painted the airplane, she was a fabric worker for the Taylorcraft company. At the 2010 fly-in I invited Gary to take his mother for a ride. It was an emotional event for all.

    The word document is on a display board that I show when the airplane is parked. If you happen to discover you know any of the other owners named, let me know. The Butterfly Fun Line Logo was my idea, and my Dad, Lou Whitaker created the artwork.

    My Grandfather, Louis Whitaker Sr. most likely worked on this airplane in the factory in October of 1941. He was a chief mechanic for C.G. Taylor at the time. My grandfather may have propped the plane for Al Barber to make the test flight. There is a lot of history here, and I consider it a priviledge to preserve it.
    Attached Files
    David and Judy
    TF# 651
    Butterfly Fun Lines
    1941 BF12-65
    Grasshopper Fun Lines
    1988 Hatz CB-1

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    Clark Freese
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