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Factory visit by Jon Timlin Sept 26 2003 (list archive)

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  • Factory visit by Jon Timlin Sept 26 2003 (list archive)

    Exciting news has just come from the factory this
    week! They are NOW really back in business! The FAA
    has just given them permission to build new parts,
    sell their current supply of new old stock (NOS) parts
    and start building new airplanes!

    Harry Ingram and his staff have worked hard for the
    last ten months now in La Grange to get this approval
    and they have finally got it this week!

    September 26th, I had the extreme pleasure of having a
    guided tour of the factory by Harry himself and had a
    great day there! It was truely amazing to see that so
    much of our Taylorcraft's construction equipment is
    still with us and not rusting away in a dump somewhere
    after all that the various Taylorcraft corporate
    entities have gone through!

    It took me the last few weeks, but today a new section
    has been added to my "Captain Jon's Taylorcraft
    Hangar" web page covering my visit to the factory and
    the current status of their operations. This is
    exciting news for all of us as parts and new airplanes
    are going to start flowing out of the factory,
    something we haven't seen in over a decade! Harry is
    very committed to making this all work, both building
    new airplanes and providing parts for everyone at
    reasonable costs. And there are even more BIG plans
    and things going on down there in Texas!

    Anybody need a brand new 12 gallon main fuel tank?
    They have been working on them just this week. How
    about some new wing tanks for your restoration. They
    are on the schedule for next week! STRUTS! Yes, struts
    will not be far behind! $7,000 worth of streamlined
    tubing is IN STOCK now since my visit and they will
    have the new sizes (the old sizes are no longer
    available) approved shortly for our old planes.
    Patterns and jigs for strut cuffs and jury clamps
    will need to be fashioned, so it will be a little
    while yet, but they are coming!

    OK, do I have your attention yet? Well then, head off
    and see exactly what I found on my "Factory Tour
    2003". Set your browser to and go
    enjoy yourself!

    Then, make up your shopping list and give Harry a
    call! Tell him Captain Jon sent you!

    Parts brochures will be out in a few weeks, but if you
    need something before then, give the factory a call!

    Cheers, and have a great day!!!

    Jon Timlin
    Traci T-Craft N94952
    Tami T-Craft N96301
    Taylorcraft Foundation Forum Administrator (Bob Ollerton)