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  • 1938 Taylor Young


    I have a fairly complete 1938 Taylor Young. I have two ways that I can go on the rebuild.

    1. I can look for an A-40, and a motor mount in good running order. With that I'll have a really neat T-Cart. If some one out there knows where I can get one let me know.

    2. I can find or have constructed a 22 Hook Road Motor Mount under the owner produced/provided part and the accompanying STC. I have the Drawing, the STC and the approval to use the STC from the owner. In that case I need the 22 hook road mount. If anyone knows where I can get one Let me know. Since it is not likely that I will find that critter short of stealing one, I think that I should have one fabricated. Stealing one would be tantamount to locating and stealing the hope diamond.

    As you know finding a welder who will participate in producing the part is a challenge in its self. By Now you should be able to see where I'm going with this. Does anyone know where I can have a 22 hook road motor mount made to the drawing provided by the STC?

    Ok! if that was not fuzzy enough, let me run this past the tribe. The folks from whom I purchased this model A appeared to be going in the direction of a combination of a 337 and the hook rd STC to get the open cowl look without destroying the original cowling. Soooooooooo, they had a boot cowl and bottom cowl off a luscomb and the A-65 from that same luscomb. It seems to fit really well and I presume that I have to fabricate the top cowl.

    If these are enough clues to get you interested in responding to this owner in need of Trible consult, I have my head down and I'm listening for all input.

    Perhaps a talented T-Craft builder from across the pond might be willing to fabricate the mount or know someone who would.

    Experimental is not out of the question on this rebuild.

    Jim Allison

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    Re: 1938 Taylor Young

    ok, I cant stand it.... I have to ask...

    What is a "22 Hook Road Motor Mount" ????

    For my own info, does anyone know where you can get a A40 overhauled and tagged?
    Bob Ollerton


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      Re: 1938 Taylor Young

      That is the motor mount that will allow a A-65 Motor to mount to a Model A T cart. Under Jack Stephenson's STC for that purpose.


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        Re: 1938 Taylor Young

        The A-65 makes it a more useful ship, the Lycoming 50, 60 or 65 hp might keep it looking more authentic.
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          Re: 1938 Taylor Young

          I put a few hours on Eric Richardson's Lycoming powered bird and found it to be very capable (Lycoming 65). I took my neighbor's son up- we are both 200 pounds. It was a summer evening as well and the temp was around 80 degrees. It did great- the engine was really smooth as well. I think it only weighs 600 pounds or so.
          Eric Minnis
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            Re: 1938 Taylor Young

            Jim, I've got lots of time in an A Model, and can say they are the most beautiful, best handling of all Taylorcrafts. If I had it, I'd stay original and authentic. But I weigh 125 pounds, so my situation is a bit different.

            So a 65 Continental or Lycoming would be a good choice, your could show off by out performing all the other T-Crafts at the fly-ins. Hopefully, you would only make firewall forward changes, so you could go back to an A-40 later.

            The A Model only had a 10 gallon tank, so this might be an issue.

            Good luck,

            Chet Peek


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              Re: 1938 Taylor Young

              Jim,I have the '38 B model with the Lyc O-145 that Eric Minnis posted about & it works fine. Lycoming claimed 65HP but I suspect they actually puts out about 55HP. I've flown with my friend Chuck & combined we're 480# in the summer & we climbed about 300 FPM & cruise 90MPH. It's not as powerful as the Cont 65 but it's very smooth & easy on fuel. I've had other Tcrafts & my '38 flys the best,the lighter they are the better they fly in my opinion. Pictures are in members pictures of the site on page 4 I think or I can e-mail whatever you need. I also have several O-145s & a couple of mounts I've collected. Let me know if I can help.Thanks! Eric
              Eric Richardson
              1938 Taylor-Young
              Model BL NC20426
              "Life's great in my '38"
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                Re: 1938 Taylor Young

                Hey SLOWANLOW. Just where in the Marfa area ARE you?? Of all the members, you are just about in my "backyard". Do you have your own strip? If so, what are the GPS co-ordanates?? I'd love to fly in, and take a look at your ship some time next month. Sabrina


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                  Re: 1938 Taylor Young

                  just tune to the VOR, the muni airport is kinda public/ private, only about 20 people using it now, great place to fly. 5000 ASL so you need a good ship to get here. My T-Cart is at San Marcos with undergoing some covering and other work. your welcome to visit any time I here. we can do burgers or pizza or something.

                  Ive really got to get this Motor Mount thing worked out I own a A65 cont and have spotted an a40 guess i need to talk to Barber about this..........

                  Jim A