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BC12D being parted out

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  • BC12D being parted out

    Friend of mine told me about this link on Barnstormers:

    Doesn't show up if you search for Taylorcraft.

    No connection....just letting the group know about it.

    Mike Wood
    Montgomery, TX
    '46 BC12D
    N44085 #9885

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    Yes, This guy has been trying to part this bird out and has many folks lined up (or did) to purchase parts. I started talking to him late last summer. I have have claimed the doors however he still has not sold the wings nor the engine and will not sell the rest until he does. I dunno. If he were to completely dismantle it and sell of the parts individually he probably would be doing much better. That does take work. I have done it with a plane not near this nice and the results were excellent BUT again it does take work..


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      That's too bad, as it's practically in the back yard of my folks ranch. I wish I could've gotten a jump on that before it started getting parted out.
      Ryan Short, CFI, Aerial Photographer
      Former Taylorcraft BC-12D owner - hopefully future owner as well.
      KRBD and KGPM - Dallas, TX