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Continental A65/A75 overhauled cylinders

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  • Continental A65/A75 overhauled cylinders

    I have 3 cylinders overhauled by Harrison earlier this year.

    While some had additional repairs/service I believe that I can say each had at least this done;
    new exhaust guide
    reface valve seats
    grind & hone to P15
    reface exhaust port
    install new exhaust studs
    reface valves but do not install

    Some got extra work.

    I have a 4th that is pretty much the same as above but go chromed back to standard, it can be ground and honed to P15 to use with the other 3 but I was not ready to spend an extra $60 for that until it was necessary.

    Of course I have all the paperwork for them and also have the valve springs, hardware, rocker arms and shafts but have not tested the springs, replaced any bushing or got the rocker arms overhauled and I am not sure they all need it either. Some measure ok and can be reused as is.


    If you are interested pm or call me 919 295 5408.

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