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Continental tapershaft prop hub - one new old stock & one yellow tagged

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  • Continental tapershaft prop hub - one new old stock & one yellow tagged

    I have two taper shaft prop hubs. I used to have three, one on a metal prop, one on a wood prop and a spare.

    Sold my BC12d with the metal prop on it and sold the wood prop separately.

    So now I have two hubs.

    One hub (#1) was my spare and in new old stock still in the box and never been taken out of the plastic bag it was put in at the factory. I may have stolen a cotter pin or lock pin from the cloth bag of hardware that came with it, I can't recall.

    I am the original purchaser and bought it in 1987, it was new old stock then too.

    The other hub (#2) was purchased at the same time in 1987 and was also new old stock in 1987. I put perhaps about 50 hours on it and for sure less than 100. I sent the prop log off with the wood prop so that's why I don't have an exact time. This hub is currently headed to a shop (Aircraft Specialty Services) to be inspected, replated and tagged. I feel very confident that there is no issue with it but my feelings don't count much to someone considering buying it.

    Last hub that I am aware of that was inspected, tagged and painted sold for $850.

    I don't need these hubs anymore and I am considering putting them on Barnstormers, E-bay or Tarde-a-Plane.

    If you are interested in them at healthy price not a give-a-way price feel free to call or PM me. phone 919-208-3074 cell. NO TEXT, 919-295-5408 landline (yes they still exist :-) ).

    I put some pictures up later


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    pictures are attached
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      New hub #1 has been sold.
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        I sold the new one, that naturally brings more $$. Still have the other one