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    Notes from Forrest on shock cords; 7/26/03

    11104 & 1192 are for the D models.

    The BC12D & F-19 are 9010 and 9010HD the 1110 are for the Goodyear Blimp & the 1750 Gross F-21B or F-22.

    1110 are 11/16th x 10 inches around.
    11104 are 11/16th x 10.5 inches around
    (yes Dorothy 10.5 don't know why)

    THUS we find for a stiffer gear action use one 1110 & one 9010HD on each side. Place the 1110 on first , then the safety cable then the 9010HD. there is also a 9010HDX for cold weather operation and provide a stiffer system than the 4 9010 or 9010HD.
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