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A Model Shock Cords (Bungee)

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  • A Model Shock Cords (Bungee)

    I recently acquired a '37 Model A. My original plan was to simply rescue it from the barn but I may decide to restore. The fuselage is in suprisingly good shape. I plan on reduing the spars along with some extensive work on some of the ribs.

    I am unable to find which shock cord # is used on the main gear (9090?). I am also interested in maintaining the full swivel tailwheel gear. What shock cord # is used on that apparatus and how is the cord replaced after covering? Are there drawings showing the actual installation of the full swivel arrangement?

    The A-40 was replaced with a Lycoming O-145. Reasonably good compression but I still haven't started it yet. Magnetos have a good spark and are appropriately timed.

    I have read all the info I can find on the above questions. Any help and advice would be appreciated. Would someone please share a photo of an original panel, this one has been replaced by a more conventional one.



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    Re: A Model Shock Cords (Bungee)

    Hi Bob,
    Welcome to the forum. There was a model A that I used to like to visit on Cornelia Fort Airpark near Nashville. It had an 0-145 and was yellow and green as I recall. Just wondering if that was the same one. The owner's first name was Robert.


    Glen Brodeur


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      Re: A Model Shock Cords (Bungee)

      Bob, the panel was similar, but not exactly like the "B" panel on page 76 of the Taylorcraft book. Hope you have the big tac. At least consider putting an A-40 back in.

      Chet Peek


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        Re: A Model Shock Cords (Bungee)

        Believe it or not, my friend gave away an A-40 a few years ago. If we still had it, I pprobably would re-install one. I don't have the large tach. We had a similar setup on the Commonwealth Skyranger I restored 8 years ago. I believe I will replace the spars. Are the wings on the pre-war similar and is there a/any drawing(s) available to assist with the re-fabrication?

        I wish it were possible to get to Alliance for the get-together. I am sure there will be a ton of info available. I've flown to Middletown 2 times for the Aeronca event.

        I don't know about the Cornelia Fort viewing.

        Thanks guys.