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  • model 15A engine mount (archive)

    Subject: model 15A engine mount

    Hi Forrest,

    I just got my new engine mount from Kosola and Associates, and it is very nice. They now have a fixture for the Taylorcraft model 15A with the Continental 0-300 engine which is the same as the C-145. I suggested that they should keep the fixture around since there are other 15Aís in the process of restoration. Since there are no drawings for the mount, it is considered an experimental. Iím not sure if that is a problem or not. I know that an A&P can repair a mount, so maybe this fits in there.

    I paid around $2000 for the mount including the development, fixture charges, and shipping. I think the mount alone would be around $1200. Feel free to share this with other owners/restorers.

    I am taking the time to re-finish the firewall and the inside of the cowling along with installing new baffle material. Should look real nice when Iím done. Iím planning to have it at Oshkosh again this year.

    You can reach Kosola at: KOSOLA and ASSOCIATES, INC.


    Tom Hildreth
    Bob Ollerton