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    Was down in southern B.C. in October to visit my brother and do a little fishing on Kootenay Lake. We went to one of his old friends farm to look at a boat the old fellow apparently got for a song. There in the back of the quanset hut was this big old prop starring out of the gloom. After stumbling around for a light switch, the dusty curves of a Model 20 Ranchwagon flooded the shop. Nice and dry, complete logs, no damage. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. A chat with the old fellow revealed that he had owned the plane since sometime in the 70's and flew it in the Vancouver area. When he bought his current farm he removed the wings and trailered it to this shop and it has sat there since 1979. Log books show it last flew in January 1979 and has 609 hrs. The best news was that he was interested in selling it as he now has medical problems that won't allow him to fly. After some negotiation, I am now the owner of Serial No 30, and at present, the only registered Model 20 in Canada. I have finished a custom trailer and will retrieve the Ranchwagon sometime in January when the roads are dry and bring it back to my shop just outside of Edmonton. I'll post some pics when I get it back.