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    This is my first post here. Great web layout. I've inherited a decrepit bc-12d project (parts therof), which led to more t-cart donations from local airport citizenry. Basically, I've collected enough stuff to become morally obligated to build up a Tcart.

    The swick conversion has really intrigued me. I'm starting from pretty complete pile of wing parts and a straight fuse truss. I'd love to hear the pros and cons from those in the know. Also, what about the Cole conversion, and where would I get more info on it, such as acutal plans?

    I've looked over Mr. Minnis' site (which started me on the clip wing fixation). I like the extra speed and sportiness, but what do I lose on the bottom end, ie: ground roll, back country performance? Also, what do you all think about converting over to an 0-235. Is this more trouble then its worth?

    I'm an AP/IA by trade, and most of my flight time is Luscombe, Pitts, and Travelair 4000, but this is my first Tcart experience. Sorry for the long post, but any and all input would be appreciated. If you would like to email me instead of posting, that would be great, too. I'm at

    Thanks group,
    Bob Snow

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    I too am looking for info on the Cole Conversion. Does anyone have plans or info for the Cole (and Swick for that matter) Clipped Wings. I will be building an experimantal bird, so STC plans are not required - photo copies will do.

    Also loking for dual stick conversions. I like the way the Auster sticks work with what appears to be a stock BC12 "H" frame. Any Forumites have suggestions regarding this??
    Chris Hatin
    Bushwhacker Air, LLC


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      Guys- I have a good set of Cole plans I would be glad to pass along. AS for the Swick plans- I would reccommend buying them from Mike Swick. I would be glad to let you look over mine but they are kind of light and missing some details. I spoke with MIke Swick at length the other night and he is getting along a little better. I bet some calls about planes would make him feel better. . .

      AS far as the takeoff performance you do loose a little. I would advise against the 0-235 and either go with the much lighter 0-200 or the bigger 0-320 or 0-360 series. I am going with the 0-200 for several reasons. The performance is really good and the plane will qualify for the new LSA rule that we are all waiting on.

      I had both conversions and both engines (0-200, 0-320) I much preffer the 0-200- It just flys better and can still whip any Citabria or Super Decathalon out there.
      Eric Minnis
      Bully Aeroplane Works and Airshows
      Clipwing Tcraft x3

      Flying is easy- to go up you pull back, to go down you pull back a little farther.


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        Eric, a look-see at the Cole plans would be sweet! Are they full size, or are the in a easily copyable format? If I could get a copy, I'd gladly pay you for yor time/expense. If your up for that, I'll drop you my address. I'm planning on buying the Swick plans as well, but I'd like be able to study both conversions to see which I like best.

        I'm normally of the "too much power is almost enough" school, but I think you're O-200 argument (via your website) has tempered that a bit.

        Thanks for the info, an hope to hear from you.

        Bob Snow


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          Thanks, eric. I should have just asked youy in the first place. I became particulalrly interested when you mentioned a bush plane. I have a spare fuse that may lend itself well to an experimental theme - I'm really a big fan of those Auster sticks!

          I will talk with you soon.
          Chris Hatin
          Bushwhacker Air, LLC