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  • Hi Tom,

    That was unfortunate about the 172. Were you able to understand why installing and torquing the base nuts "seized" the engine?

    I am curious about that.

    Were the nuts on thru bolts? If so any theory about how the RTV effected that?

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  • drude
    replied to Coronavirus
    Seems to me that in the early 70's around the time of the gas shortage there was also a run on toilet paper and meat in the US. Does anyone else remember that?

    Dave R

    p.s. food for thought - if you can't get toilet paper buy cheese, with enough cheese you won't need so much...
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  • Thanks Mike, That makes sense. Initially I was thinking that you meant LH and RH on the same engine and it made me curious about that. I get it now, thanks. Dave R.
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  • Is the L and R peculiar to Slicks? I don't recall that for Bendix. What is different between the L and R mag? One has impulse? Haven't been near a Slick since the 60's and curious. Thanks, Dave....
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